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We have integrated the latest research from the fields of mentoring, volunteerism, and training into creating the most effective training for your volunteers.

Foundation and specialty courses.


Mentors develop realistic expectations and learn actionable skills to use in building an e-mentoring relationship.

Building the Foundation for e-Mentoring


Guide your mentors through solving real-world problems commonly faced by mentors and practice effective behaviors, based upon applying the knowledge and skills learned in the Building the Foundation course.

Building Your Mentoring Skills

Building Assets in Mentees Affected by Substance Misuse

Mentors learn practical skills for developing supportive and helpful relationships with mentees impacted by opioids and other drugs.

Substance of Change


Mentors learn realistic expectations and actionable relationship initiation skills – when and where it is convenient for them.

Building the Foundation – Mentors


Protect your mentees, mentors and program by training your mentors to proactively minimize risks before they occur.

Ethics & Safety


Train mentors in the five research-informed skills to help them form relationships that are stronger and last longer.

Building & Maintaining the Relationship


Train mentors in goal setting, growth mindset, and school engagement strategies to promote mentees’ academic and personal achievement.

Promoting Enhanced Resilience & Learning


Mentors learn your program’s unique history, composition, goals, requirements, and policies.

Orientation to Mentoring for Mentors


Mentors learn skills to build their mentees’ engagement in STEM and support mentees who are underrepresented in STEM fields.

Building the Foundation for STEM Mentors


Mentors learn to plan match activities that support their match goals and foster positive outcomes for their mentee.

Building Assets Together: A Guide for Youth Mentors

Designed with purpose. Supported by research.

For all Mentoring Central courses, we follow a rigorous research and development process that begins with a deep dive into the research that is relevant to a particular topic – such as volunteer mentors, positive youth development, or substance use prevention – and determining if it is information that mentors need to know and how mentors can use that information in their mentoring relationship. In addition, we work closely with mentoring program practitioners as well as mentors to get their feedback on the information they want to know about a specific topic.

Once we have identified the topics that are most important for mentors to know about and skills for mentors to learn, we work with a team of highly creative and talented graphic designers, instructional designers, animators, videographers, actors, and web developers to create our training courses.

Finally, we conduct research on our training courses to determine that it is easy to use, engaging, and increases the knowledge and builds skills of mentors. We continuously get feedback from mentoring program staff and mentors to make improvements to the training so you get the latest and best content.

Empower your mentors with high-quality, interactive,
engaging, and easy-to-use training

All Mentoring Central courses offer practitioner and mentor-informed training courses that are authentic and highly motivating for volunteer mentors. Find the right training course or courses to fit the needs of your program. Mentoring Central offers:

  • Online, asynchronous training that can be completed independently by volunteers
  • In-person, instructor-led training
  • Online, synchronous instructor-led training
  • Blended training that combines asynchronous, online and synchronous, instructor-led training

Over 55,000 mentors have taken our courses!

All mentoring programs are unique; however, they all have the same essential ingredient – a close and enduring relationship between the mentor and mentee. Our on-demand, convenient mentor training can reduce the number of early closures and increase the strength and length of mentoring relationships.
Mentoring Central offers multiple versions of our most popular training courses – Building the Foundation and Ethics and Safety – so the training best fits the uniqueness of your program, whether you offer community-based, site-based, group-based, or online mentoring.

Research-Based and Engaging.

With our scientifically designed, field-tested and highly motivating training courses, your mentoring relationships achieve greater impact.

A unique, break-through approach to training for mentoring programs:
  • Convenient online training, available on-demand 24/7
  • Research-based content aligned with the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring (EEPM)
  • Developed by co-authors of the EEPM
  • Flyers and tips for each lesson containing a summary of the key concepts
Each lesson includes the following interactive components:
  • Scenario-based learning
  • Engaging videos
  • Self-reflective journal
  • Certificate of completion

Easy to Administer

Each course comes with a robust online course administration system. It has everything you need to manage purchases and course enrollment. Its powerful monitoring and reporting system can track each participant’s progress.

  • Enroll mentors, mentees and parents/guardians
  • Track progress and course completion
  • Create reports
  • Download data on demand
  • Manage purchases
  • One place to find all the information you need on training
  • Flexible administration — can easily be updated to deal with staff changes
  • Customizable
  • Always accessible