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Our evidence-based training courses for mentees help prepare youth to create impactful relationships and mentoring experiences before they even begin a mentoring relationship.

Foundation and specialty courses.


Mentees learn what to expect, how to communicate with their mentor, and the importance of commitment.

Building The Foundation – Mentees


Teach high school and rising college students the rarely taught relationship- and network- building skills needed for college and life success.
Connected Scholars

Designed with purpose. Supported by research.

For all Mentoring Central courses, we follow a rigorous research and development process that begins with a deep dive into the research that is relevant to a particular topic – such as volunteer mentors, positive youth development, or substance use prevention – and determining if it is information that mentors need to know and how mentors can use that information in their mentoring relationship. In addition, we work closely with mentoring program practitioners as well as mentors to get their feedback on the information they want to know about a specific topic.

Once we have identified the topics that are most important for mentors to know about and skills for mentors to learn, we work with a team of highly creative and talented graphic designers, instructional designers, animators, videographers, actors, and web developers to create our training courses.

Finally, we conduct research on our training courses to determine that it is easy to use, engaging, and increases the knowledge and builds skills of mentors. We continuously get feedback from mentoring program staff and mentors to make improvements to the training so you get the latest and best content.

Help mentees form impactful relationships.

All Mentoring Central courses offer practitioner and mentee-informed training courses that are authentic and help youth build confidence in their abilities to form and maintain meaningful relationships. Mentoring Central offers:

  • Courses for youth of all ages
  • Options to help adolescents kickstart their professional and college careers
  • Opportunities for mentees to learn what mentoring is, what it means to be a mentee, and what their mentoring relationship will look like

Prepare mentees for success.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your new mentees got off to a great start with their mentor? Unfortunately, many mentees start the mentoring relationship lacking knowledge about what mentoring is all about. By giving mentees a strong foundation, training helps create more effective mentoring relationships and prevent relationship challenges and premature closure.

Participants in this course will:
  • Know what mentoring is and what a mentor does
  • Understand what they will do with their mentor
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as a mentee
  • Be prepared to meet their mentor for the first time

(Most mentees complete the course in about thirty minutes.)

The six skills mentees need.


Introduction to mentoring

Define what mentoring is and explain the benefits of a mentoring relationship.


Access tips, checklists and scenarios to prepare for a successful first meeting with their mentor.

Core commitments

Understand the responsibilities of being a mentee in order to help make the mentoring relationship the most effective.


Discover the importance of maintaining boundaries and how they promote healthy, safe mentoring relationships.


Understand the essential roles a mentor plays in the life of a mentee.


Help mentees understand what they want from their mentoring relationship and what they want in a mentor.

Each lesson includes the following components:

  • General principles for decision-making skills
  • Self-reflective journal
  • Engaging videos
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Virtual role-play scenarios
  • Reinforcing quizzes
  • Engaging activities
  • Research-based content
  • Practice-informed content
  • Actionable skills
  • Downloadable tips
  • Certificate of completion

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