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Technical Assistance

Mentoring Central’s team of expert researchers and practitioners help your organization develop and deliver the highest quality mentoring program, so you can help create lasting, impactful mentoring experiences for youth.

Our approach to training and technical assistance is always, collaborative, systematic, targeted, flexible, customized, and results-driven.

Our work is informed by the latest research-based frameworks, including implementation science, design thinking, and positive youth development.

Here is an overview of our process:


Our process begins with understanding the mission and goals of your program. Whether you have a well-established program or you are just getting your program started, this process helps ensure everyone is on the same page. Through the discovery process, we assess the needs, resources, and barriers your program is experiencing in the operations and implementation of your program.


With a foundation of understanding your program, we review the research literature relevant to your program that will inform our work together. For mentoring programs, we draw on our deep knowledge of the mentoring research to support your program. As co-authors of the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring, 4th Edition and supplements of the EEPM for specific mentoring program populations and models, we can ensure your program is following the latest best practices for mentoring programs.

Resource Referrals and Development

Our talented team of professionals with expertise in mentoring, juvenile justice, substance use prevention, mindfulness, social-emotional development, and peer relationships works closely with your organization’s leadership to develop the resources your organization needs. This can include software solutions, web-based or in-person training, webinars, curriculum materials, and evaluation tools, among many other solutions.

Implementation and Monitoring

Drawing on our expertise in implementation science and experience implementing programs and research studies, we will guide your organization during the implementation and monitoring phase to ensure success.


Throughout the TTA process, we consider evaluation. Whether it’s evaluating a webinar session or a comprehensive evaluation of a new initiative, we have the expertise and tools to guide your evaluation goals. Our top priority when considering evaluation is how the data will be of value to your organization.

Training and Technical Assistance

To learn more about our training and technical assistance services, contact us to schedule a consultation call.