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Quantify your program’s impact on mentees’ futures

Knowing the impact your program is having on children’s lives is critical. Finding program evaluation tools—ones with proven success as well as practical application—has been a stumbling block. Until now.

Why choose Mentoring Central?

Our team of scientists, researchers and statisticians—in combination with our web-based data collection—will help you design an evaluation that fits your needs and budget.

Our team’s diverse experience includes:
  • 20 years of scientific and technical assessment expertise
  • Seven full-time on-staff psychology researchers and mentoring experts
  • Recipient of numerous grants and contracts relating to mentoring
  • Co-authors of countless studies on prevention and youth outcomes
  • Innovative use of technology to deliver training and web-based data collection tools

Scientific. Accurate. Essential.

Quantifying the impact of your program is a first step to improving it. Not only do the positive outcomes benefit your community, but they also help increase funding, elevate recruitment quality, and boost your reputation.

Our services assist all stages of evaluation including:
  • Designing evaluation plans customized to your program
  • Using rigorous high-quality standards during the entire process
  • Designing web-based data collection systems
  • Providing alternate options data collection
  • Designing data analysis procedures
  • Implementing evaluation plans
  • Data coding, cleaning, and management

Power your program with accurate data.

Understanding the effect specific factors and processes in your program are having on the youth you serve is powerful knowledge. It gives you the ability to adjust and modify practices to make your program more effective — for mentors and mentees.

Our qualitative and quantitative outcomes help you:
  • Present and report findings to stakeholders
  • Substantiate funding requests
  • Utilize findings to improve program practices
  • Maintain a monitoring program

Pricing as unique as your program.

Because every program is as unique as the people it serves — different ages, backgrounds, interests, socio-economic issues — every evaluation is unique as well. So please call us to discuss your particular case. We look forward to teaming up with you.