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The Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ (MENTOR, 2015; the “Elements”) describes the definitive Standards of practice for the field of youth mentoring. By adhering to the Elements, mentoring programs can enhance their overall program quality and help build strong mentoring relationships.

The Elements were written by Drs. Janis Kupersmidt and Rebecca Stelter of Mentoring Central, and Michael Garringer of MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership.

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Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and mentoring practitioners work alongside mentors, mentees, parents, and program staff to combine science, real world perspectives, and field-tested studies. The result? First-of-their-kind products and services that support the development of assets in mentees, their communities, and the organizations that serve them.

“Mentoring Central’s online training is a highly instructive training tool with real life examples of mentor-mentee scenarios and discussions about the essential steps needed to establish a solid mentoring relationship which helps provide potential mentors with the confidence they need to feel prepared to start their mentoring relationship.”
Ashleigh Diserio, Co-founder, Eyes Wide Open Mentoring
“Mentoring Central has been an easy and effective way to get our mentors the information and training they need. It makes it easy when it is all through one easy-to-use platform.”
Maya Moorman, Mentor Coordinator , Sims-Fayola Foundation
“I know firsthand about the lack of research-based training for foster youth, foster alumni, and justice-involved youth, so I felt that offering Mentoring Central’s courses to let others learn their value and the importance of implementing them was essential.”
Beverly Woodrome, Independent Mentoring Consultant and former Mentoring Director , Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence’s Boren Mentoring Initiative

Greg Ingle, Executive Director, Youth Wise