Annual Membership

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Membership is your one-stop shop for training mentors, mentees, parents, and staff.

If your mentoring program offers a combination of Community-based, Site-based, e-Mentoring, or Group mentoring, then membership offers you the flexibility to provide training tailored to the core training needs of your mentors.

Membership includes:

Training Products

Asynchronous, web-based training courses

Instructional materials to conduct instructor-led workshops

For mentors:

  • Building the Foundation (community-, site-, group-based, STEM and e-Mentoring versions)
  • Ethics and Safety (community- and site-based versions)
  • Building and Maintaining the Relationship
  • Promoting Enhanced Resilience and Learning (PERL)
  • Substance of Change: Building Assets in Mentees
  • Building Assets Together: A Guide for Youth Mentors

For parents/guardians:

  • Building the Foundation for Parents/Guardians of Mentees

For mentors:

  • Building the Foundation (both community- and site-based integrated kit)
  • Orientation to Your Mentoring Program for New Mentors
  • Building your Mentoring Skills

For mentees:

  • Building the Foundation for Mentees

Evaluation Products

Administer surveys

  • Create online surveys to send to your mentors, mentees, parents/guardians, or staff
  • Use the eTrove data collection system to send out and track your surveys
  • Download data for analyses

Program quality improvement assessment

  • Complete the EQUIP Program Quality Self-Assessment questionnaire about your program’s practices
  • Receive EQUIP Self-assessment Report

There are several types of annual membership to fit the size and needs of your mentoring program.


Type of membership # of mentoring programs Uses of online training products # of staff licenses for instructor-led training materials Annual membership cost Cost savings
XXS mentoring program 1 15 2 $360 $3,065
XS mentoring program 1 25 2 $500 $3,975
Small mentoring program 1 50 3 $800 $7,150
Medium mentoring program 1 125 3 $1,400 $13,925
Large mentoring program 1 200 6 $1,900 $23,350

Licenses are good for one calendar year from initiation date

All memberships receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any additional products.