Elevate the Mentoring Central experience for your program participants with customization.

Mentoring Central includes a team of mentoring subject matter experts, highly skilled web applications developers, and talented graphic and instructional designers.

With this powerhouse team, we can offer customization of any Mentoring Central product to help you improve the experience of staff, mentors, mentees, and parents of your mentoring program.

The two types of customization are course customization and Mentoring Central eTrove software customization. Learn more below about how customization can benefit your mentoring program!

Option 1: Course login page

This option allows your program to create a custom website address that features your mentoring program’s name giving program participants and easy to remember website address to access the online training and resources. The custom website address also helps visitors feel secure knowing that they are visiting a legitimate website that is associated with your program.

Select a photo that features your mentoring program to welcome participants to the website. A welcoming and customized image highlights the professionalism of your organization.

Your programs logo will be featured prominently at the top of login page so program participants know they are in the right place to access online training and resources.

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Option 2: Handouts and tipsheets

Take your customization of Mentoring Central to the next level by branding the tipsheets and handouts that are available in a course. These are materials that your program staff, mentors, mentees, and parents can refer to again and again to remind them of important information that they learned online.

Branding these documents helps program participants identify with the information and trust that it is information they need to know to be an effective participant in your program.

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Option 3: Course customization

The ultimate level of customization is tailoring the content of the Mentoring Central courses for your unique mentoring program. Perhaps your mentoring program is exclusively for girls or for children in foster care and you want all the language in your mentor training to reflect your population. If so, then course customization will help you accomplish that.

Customization typically involves changing the color scheme of the training to match your program’s colors, integrating your organization’s logo, and adding in custom content. For example, mentoring program customers have included a video of their organization’s Executive Director or CEO welcoming new volunteers to the program and emphasizing the importance of training. Other customers have had specific content they wanted integrated into the standard mentor training regarding their organization’s child safety policies and procedures. Our mentoring and online learning subject matter experts will work closely with your program to make sure your custom course is of the highest quality, backed by the research, and engaging to your participants.

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Mentoring Central eTrove software customization

Embedded in the Mentoring Central website is a powerful software application called eTrove that can help support all phases of managing your mentoring program, including recruitment, screening, training, matching, monitoring and support, and closure.

The eTrove software has been customized for a variety of mentoring program customers. For example, one large national mentoring program uses eTrove to facilitate the collection of volunteer mentor applications, assigning volunteers from across the country to their local mentoring program, and enrolling the volunteers in the Mentoring Central training. The national office uses this information to track the status of volunteer recruitment and the number of mentors that have been assigned to the local mentoring sites.

Other options are to utilize eTrove to send out periodic surveys to your program participants, to keep case notes about mentoring relationships, and enroll program participants in ongoing training.

With the eTrove software as a foundation, the possibilities are endless for automating and customizing the operations of your mentoring program.

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