Start Building
Mentoring Skills Today

Get your mentees off
to a good start.

This instructor-led online training gives mentees ideas, tips, and guidelines for what mentoring is, what their role is and what the role of a mentor is. It’s designed to be completed before the mentor and mentee meet.

Prepare mentees for success.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your new mentees got off to a great start with their mentor? Unfortunately, many mentees start the mentoring relationship lacking knowledge about what mentoring is all about. By giving mentees a strong foundation, training helps create more effective mentoring relationships and prevent relationship challenges and premature closure.

Participants in this online workshop will:
  • Know what mentoring is and what a mentor does
  • Understand what they will do with their mentor
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as a mentee
  • Be prepared to meet their mentor for the first time

The instructor-led training workshop can be conducted in-person with a group of mentees or via a web conferencing software application. The workshop takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

The six skills mentees need.


Introduction to mentoring

Define what mentoring is and explain the benefits of a mentoring relationship.


Access tips, checklists and scenarios to prepare for a successful first meeting with their mentor.

Core commitments

Understand the responsibilities of being a mentee in order to help make the mentoring relationship the most effective.


Discover the importance of maintaining boundaries and how they promote healthy, safe mentoring relationships.


Understand the essential roles a mentor plays in the life of a mentee.


Help mentees understand what they want from their mentoring relationship and what they want in a mentor.

Training materials included in the workshop toolkit:

  • Downloadable Trainer’s Manual in PDF format licensed to each trainer
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Downloadable mentee workbook in PDF format to print or send to each mentee


Instructional materials for conducting instructor-led workshop:

For one instructor for 2 years of access to the training materials $100

RENEWAL: For one instructor for 2 years of access to the training materials $25