Start training mentors to improve school outcomes

Most people complete this course in an hour to an hour and a half.

Improve academic outcomes!

Do you want to increase the impact that your mentors have on their mentee’s resiliency and academic functioning? Give mentors the additional skills and direction they need to help their mentees improve with the PERL (Promoting Enhanced Resilience and Learning) training program. PERL helps make mentor and mentee interactions more intentional by teaching mentors how to strengthen their mentee’s growth mindset, goal-setting, and school engagement.

Participants in this course will:
  • Use everyday interactions and teachable moments to support positive outcomes in mentees
  • Learn to support enhanced educational outcomes in their mentees
  • Create a growth mindset in mentees

“PERL’s real-life, practical tools of building a growth mindset, working on achievable goals and planning for them, and emotionally engaging in school are powerful…If I were a mentor just starting to build a relationship with a mentee, the PERL course would give me the clearest understanding of what I need to actually SAY and DO to help my mentee.”

– Greg Ingle, Executive Director, Youth Wise

Build positive attitudes toward success in school and life.



Orients mentors to the training, introduces the three pillars of PERL, and addresses the behavioral strategies that mentors will learn in this training.

Goals & Planning

Discusses the importance of goal setting and teaches mentors how to apply goal setting and planning strategies in their interactions with their mentees.

Growth Mindset

Teaches mentors what a growth mindset is and how to identify and encourage a growth mindset in their mentees.

School Engagement

Defines school engagement and provides strategies for how mentors can increase school engagement in their mentee through the mentoring relationship.


  • General principles for decision-making skills
  • Self-reflective journal
  • Engaging videos
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Virtual role-play scenarios
  • Reinforcing quizzes
  • Engaging activities
  • Research-based content
  • Practice-informed content
  • Actionable skills
  • Downloadable tips
  • Certificate of completion

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