Start Using the Workshop Materials

Engage and Empower Great Mentors

The Orientation to Mentoring for Mentors kit includes a compilation of information and situations that your mentoring program can use to introduce new volunteers to the history and requirements of your organization.

Prepare mentors to be impactful in ways that are consistent with your organization’s mission.

Establishing a solid orientation experience for new mentors that outlines the policies and requirements of your specific mentoring program can help you ensure that everyone participating in your mentoring program is on the same page.

The Orientation to Your Mentoring Program Workshop toolkit, designed to accompany the asynchronous, web-based Building the Foundation course, provides the resources needed for mentoring programs to conduct an in-person, instructor-led orientation workshop with new mentors to make sure everyone is working towards a common goal: your program’s mission!

Participants in this course will:

  • Learn the history of your mentoring program
  • Become familiar with the goals and mission of your program
  • Understand your program’s policies and requirements

Fulfill your program’s mission.


Program mission and goals

Teach mentors the mission and goals of your specific mentoring program.

Program policies

Provide a description of your program’s safety and risk management policies relevant to mentors.

Program participants

Share information about the mentors who volunteer in, staff employed by, and mentees served by your program.

Program requirements

Discuss your program requirements for both mentors and mentees.


  • Customizable Trainer’s Manual with step-by-step instructions for leading interactive activities, guiding discussions, solving realistic scenarios, and supporting effective goal-setting
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentation with examples of topics to discuss with mentors


Instructional materials for conducting instructor-led workshop:

Access to one set of
training materials for 2 years