Start Building
the Foundation

Great relationships start with a strong foundation.

Through a series of reflective questions, interactive activities, and engaging videotaped scenarios, prospective mentors learns about their own motivations and expectations — as well as about the importance of ‘readiness’ in this upcoming relationship.

*Now available for site-based mentors, too.

Great mentoring. See where it starts.

Before being matched with a mentee, prospective mentors complete each self-paced lesson. Additional administrative software lets managers view answers and monitor participants’ progress throughout each lesson.

The scope of this course helps potential mentors:

  • Determine if they’re ready
  • Examine their motivations
  • Understand their mentoring role
  • Prepare for meeting their mentee

(Most people complete the course in approximately two and one-half hours.)

Practical. Interactive. Fun.

In six motivating lessons.

Improve readiness

Learn why ‘readiness training’ leads to more effective mentoring relationships and why that’s critical to success.

Managing motivations

Identify motivations for mentoring and learn to manage differences in the goals of mentors and mentees.

Evaluate expectations

Establish realistic expectations for your mentoring relationship to achieve better outcomes.

Define roles

Understand the essential roles a mentor plays in the lives of children — from trusted friend to role model.

Understand boundaries

Discover the importance of maintaining boundaries and how they promote health, safe relationships.

Prepare for initiation

Access tips, checklists and scenarios to prepare for successful first meetings with mentees.


  • General principles for decision-making skills
  • Self-reflective journal
  • Engaging videos
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Virtual role-play scenarios
  • Reinforcing quizzes
  • Engaging activities
  • Research-based content
  • Practice-informed content
  • Actionable skills
  • Downloadable tips
  • Certificate of completion


Costs as little as $10/person

Average length: 2 hours