Durham, NC (July 23, 2015)–Mentoring Central, a wholly-owned subsidiary of innovation Research & Training (iRT)–a behavioral sciences research company–today announced the launch of a newly developed mentor training e-learning course specifically for site-based mentoring organizations. Ethics and Safety Training prepares site-based mentors for dealing with common ethical and safety issues that may arise in the course of a mentoring relationship. The web-based course is based on the code of ethical principles of mentoring presented in the “First do no harm: Ethical Principles for Youth Mentoring Relationships” paper by Drs. Jean Rhodes, Belle Liang and Renee Spencer. It’s intended to help mentors apply this code of ethical principles to their everyday interactions with their mentee, so they are well-prepared to handle these issues before they arise. In addition, the course provides strategies for making decisions in situations that may arise in the course of an outing as well as tips on ensuring mentee safety.

The new course uses streaming video and real-life vignettes, visual effects, reflective journal questions and interactive test questions to engage the learner in more than 60 minutes of e-learning. The module is on-demand and can be taken at any time, allowing mentors to complete the training at their own pace. It is accessible on Mac or PC devices (including tablets, smartphones, and laptops) through Mentoring Central’s Learning Management System (LMS) that tracks each learner’s completion level and test scores.

“We understand that preparation and training are critical components of helping establish effective mentoring relationships”, said Dr. Janis Kupersmidt, president and senior researcher at iRT. “Our mentoring courses are based on our many years of research and our industry expertise. We’re very excited to bring additional interactive e-learning experiences to the mentoring community.”

Modeled after Mentoring Central’s original ethics training course, Ethics & Safety Training developed for community mentoring organizations, the site-based mentor training course is customized for mentoring youth in settings such as schools, faith-based organizations, or community centers. Specifically, the site-based version provides vignettes, real-life scenarios, and examples that are more relevant and transferrable to mentors who meet with their mentee in a program site rather than in the home or community. Each type of setting brings its own unique challenges, hence the need for a customized ethics and safety training course.

In addition to the Ethics & Safety course, Mentoring Central offers two other mentor training courses. Building the Foundation is available in both site-based and community-based versions. The course educates potential mentors on what to expect in a mentoring relationship and helps prepare them for their role as a mentor. Building & Maintaining the Relationship provides more in-depth training on the skills needed to sustain and grow a positive, effective mentoring relationship.

“We are delighted to expand our repertoire of mentoring courses”, said Dr. Kupersmidt. “In evaluating mentoring relationships, research shows that mentor training results in stronger relationships and more positive youth outcomes. Mentors who complete our web-based courses are more prepared, more empowered, and more committed to the mentoring relationship.”

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