login pages before and after

Welcome to our simplified training login!

At Mentoring Central, we want to help you work smarter so you can focus on your training not on our software.  We’re excited to launch the next generation iRT Learning Management System (LMS), making it easier for our customers to better access and manage their Mentoring Central online training courses.

We think you’ll find our new look and feel better aligned with our overall goals at Mentoring Central.

First, we want to ensure that our course management system is more user-friendly. By eliminating multiple sites and databases within our system, we’ve consolidated functionality to reduce complexity and make the system easier to use and more reliable.

Next, we want to help streamline your workflow. By shaving time off system downloads, you can more quickly complete your training.

Finally, we want to bring the LMS more in line with the overall Mentoring Central brand.  Our brand is clean and fresh.  You will enjoy a cleaner user experience with distractions from unnecessary content.

This refresh is part of an ongoing process of refining our user experience.  Here are a few quick tips to make using the system simple.

One login—All users can now use their email address to login instead of a username. You will be required to reset your password the first time you log into the new system. Whether you are a program administrator or mentor, once you log into the new system you will land in the right location for what you need to do.

Quicker content access—Our new design makes it more efficient for you to access course content.  The LMS is packed with media rich content.  We’ve reduced the complexity of downloading this content, providing you with much faster access to all course material.

Better system reliability—The update makes for improved reliability.  This ensures a better system performance.

Join us on February 6th at 2:30 p.m. EST for a brief webinar on our new LMS so you can become familiar with the updated software and understand why the design has changed. 

Please register here for the February 6 webinar.

Over the next few months, all iRT LMS users will start to see additional updates. We are regularly adding more capabilities to the system to ensure a more robust and rich user experience.