Research Scientist

Dr. Kathryn Stump is a developmental psychologist and the Project Director for a study focused on identifying effective mentoring program practices for serving special population youth.  She serves as the statistician across several mentoring evaluations, including the randomized control trial evaluation of Mentoring Central and a project to evaluate mentoring program enhancements for programs serving children of incarcerated parents.  Dr. Stump has expertise in the areas of social development, peer relations, and quantitative methodology and analysis.

Dr. Stump received her Doctorate in Psychology from University of Kansas.

Dr. Stelter is a co-author of  the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring (EEPM).  The EEPM includes the only set of research-based standards and benchmarks for implementing effective youth mentoring programs in the field of mentoring.  Dr. Stelter received her doctorate in Developmental Psychology from North Carolina State University.  She has been a Big Sister to her Little for more than nine years.